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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Tom and welcome to the Heroes community! 

There are a few things you could do to allow the user to replay the audio/video on a particular slide, and you'll need to figure out which option works best for your set up. 

- Enable the seekbar so that the user could scrub back or use the "replay button" to start the slide again. 

- Ensure that the slide properties settings are set to "Reset to initial state" so that each time the user goes back to the slide, it'll start from the beginning. 

- Set up the video to play according to a trigger (say, associated with a custom play button?) instead of when timeline starts. 

- Enable the individual video controls (this will separate it from the seekbar)  Right click on your video and then select "Show video controls" in the Options tab, and you'll then have a video control player so that the user can use that to seek through the video.