Storyline Repeatedly Crashes, Forces Uninstall, Crashes and Crashes After Repeated Restarts of Computer

Jun 10, 2016

First, I opened a project file. When clicking "Player" in the "Home" menu, storyline crashes. Next, I restart Storyline and my computer. Same results, after repeated restarts and efforts to open the player preferences. Then, I reinstall Storyline. Because the uninstall window continually opens after install, I'm not certain that the uninstall and reinstall successfully completed, despite the fact that I got a message saying it was successful. Finally, again and again and again I attempt to open projects, and open the player preferences, and still, Storyline crashes every time.

Anyone ever experience anything like this? Anyone have any suggestions or ideas?

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Ted Coffman

So now, when I try to open a file, the "Uninstall Storyline" window pops up. When I open Storyline, the "Flash Player 10 or higher for Internet Explorer is required to run Articulate Storyline." error pops up. I can then open any file. But, just as expressed above, when I click on "Player" in the "Home" menu, Storyline crashes.

Ted Coffman

Hi Leslie!

Thank you so much, for your quick reply!

It appears, after a couple of uninstalls and re-installs, (I already had downloaded that update and installed it more than once), and several computer restarts, and IE Flash installation, Storyline is now working again. I hope it keeps working. Thought the latest Flash Player was installed in IE, but evidently it wasn't. Storyline 2 still did not function properly after the Flash Player update in IE. But after the Flash install and another round of Storyline 2 uninstall and re-install and restarting the computer, it seems to be working/functioning properly. Does the installer use the Flash Player in IE?

Not sure exactly what it is that I did that fixed it, but hope this post might be of help to someone else who may encounter the same problem.

Thanks again, Leslie!

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