Storyline Responsive Playback Properties

When I restrict the orientation of Storyline content (let's say to landscape only), publish to Web and then view that content in portrait on a mobile device I get the expected 'Please rotate your device' screen. However, when I view the same Storyline content on a mobile device via a Articulate 360 link or as a Storyline Block in Rise, I do not get that message. Is this by design, and if yes, what is the rationale for it?




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Alyssa Gomez

Hey Michael!

This one was a puzzle for me, too. I consulted with our product team, and now I have some answers for you. 😊

  • Responsive playback restrictions like "Landscape Only" won't work when you publish to Articulate 360, as documented at the bottom of this article. This ensures a consistent experience when collecting feedback with Articulate Review.
  • When Storyline content is embedded in a Rise Storyline block, it is essentially sitting inside of an iFrame. Because of that, Storyline can't detect whether the learner is viewing the Rise course in portrait or landscape mode. 

I hope that helps to answer your questions!

Vincent Scoma

Hey Thorsten,

Happy to help here! To restrict content to a specific orientation for Storyline courses, you will want to do the following: 

  • Click the gear icon at the end of the responsive preview toolbar in the upper right corner of the Storyline app.
  • A prompt will appear that will allow you to control how learners hold their mobile devices as they view your course.

We have a great resource that provides additional details here: Storyline 360: Restricting Which Mobile Device Orientations Learners Can Use

Please let us know if you have any questions!