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Jul 27, 2020


I am working on creating a survey in Storyline 360 for the first time.  I am finished with my slides and added a slide for survey complete.  How do I incorporate this slide at the end of the survey and have the user be able to exit the course when completed?  Also, when I go to the player, how can I update the scroll bars to say prev and next? 

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Leslie McKerchie

Hey Sarah!

Congratulations on your first survey!

You can add a trigger to the Exit Course button so that the learner actually exits the course:

In addition, the Prev/Next icons for the modern player can be updated to include the Icon and Text or just the Text via Player > Colors and Effects > Button Styles

I've included a small sample file for you to take a look as well.

Ren Gomez

Hi Sarah,

Happy to dig into your questions!

Once I've completed this project and put into the LMS.  How will I receive results of the survey? 

Similar to my response in this discussion, it depends on your LMS and whether it's able to pull the student_response data from the course.

I recommend testing your file out in your LMS, as well as SCORM Cloud to see what results you get!

How can I make it so someone needs to answer survey question before moving on? 

Question slides inserted into your course, regardless of type, should trigger an Invalid Answer popup stating that the learner must complete the question before submitting.

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