Storyline Results Prolems

Dec 14, 2014

I have a Storyline project with eight sections.  I've added a quiz at the end of each section.  I want the team leader to go back to the beginning of the section if the fail the quiz, and proceed to the next section if they pass.  Then I have a final results page at the end of the presentation with the print option.

I'm having several problems.  First I can't get the section results pages to work properly.  Depending on how I've tried triggers and variables, sometimes the failure option will work, but the success option doesn't.  Now when I press the next button nothing happens.

Second, when I get to the final result page I click on print results, it asks for my name, and then nothing happens from there.

Help please.

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Emily Ruby

Hello Melanie!

Please make sure you are working locally as described here. When you test the course for the print option, are you testing this on your local computer, or the environment it is intended for? Testing on your local machine may have security issues which can cause various features to fail.

Do you want to share you file here? Or even just a few of the slides so we can take a look.

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