Storyline Results Slide Personalize

Jun 28, 2022

I am trying to create a "quiz" that tracks what type of answer the student selects (ex: always true, sometimes true, never true). I want the results slide to show which one the student selected the most. Has anyone attempted this before with triggers? 

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Tracy Parish

Hi Alisia:

Yes you could do this by setting up questions using the Survey templates instead of the quiz templates.  With the type of questions/responses you are suggesting there is no "right answer", so a survey question template is better.

Then create one number variable for each type of answer.  When they click on that answer, add 1 to the variable.  Then on a final results slide show the variables - it should show the total amount of times they clicked that type of answer.

Here is an example story file for you.

Tracy Parish

Hi Alisia:

A few things you are missing.  For each slide you need to ADD 1 to the variable, rather then using SET.  If you use SET it just keeps making the variable =1,  if you you ADD 1 it will count each time the learner selects that "answer type".  

And on the results slide, I put into the text box: 

Always - %variablename%

You can also insert this variable value into the text box by clicking the INSERT TAB on the ribbon, then REFERENCE, and selecting the variable name you wish to insert. 

If the Always variable was equal to 6, for example it was clicked 6 times through the assessment then it would display as "Always - 6".

Does that make sense?