Storyline Results Slide: summarize questions

Hello Heroes!

My stakeholder would like a way to summarize all the questions missed from a 50 question quiz so that the learner can review missed questions with manager.

I know how to use the results slide to summarize an overall score and I know how to provide directive feedback on individual missed questions, but is there a way at the end of a final exam to summarize all the specific missed questions in one place without re-taking exam?

Thanks! Any advice would be much appreciated!

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Animator Gal

Hi Wendy,

We want the questions that they missed summarized in one place so they can follow up with manager.


If I missed 12 questions out of 50, we would want to record those 12 missed questions in a single place so that it can be easily reviewed without distraction of the questions they were able to pass.

thanks so much!

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Animator,

I haven't seen a method to display all the incorrect answers/questions on one final results slide but there are a few methods on how to only review the incorrect questions. This thread is a bit older and references a retry, but the same method would apply for a review. Hope that helps!