Storyline Resume Function in Moodle

Hi everyone,

I have produced a few modules for a client who is hosting on Moodle.  We are experience issues with the resume function.  If the learner has completed the course and then goes back in, clicks yes to resume where left off, they are still forced to restart the course.

If they exit the course midway through, when they re-enter and go back to a layered slide (set to auto decide when revisiting), the layers do not work.

There is only one quiz question that is being track in the module.  The menu is set to restricted.  SCORM 1.2.

Anyone have some advice?  

I have uploaded the course to SCORM cloud to test but can't replicate the issue so it appears to be Moodle related.



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Dan Marsden

Make sure they are using a recent supported version of Moodle (2.3 or higher) - there are also a few settings in Moodle like "force new attempt" or "force completed" that could be getting in the way - I can't provide any more specific information without more info from them.

This might provide some tips:

Natalie Van Doren

Hi Steve,

Just wondering if you got this going?  We have a Scorm with multiple quiz, however Moodle only reports on the final quiz.  We are experiencing the same issue, so we are experimenting with the auto resume in Storyline and the Auto-Continue in Moodle.  Did the Force New Attempt set to No work?

Stephan Sinka

According to Moodle the Auto -continue should work between SCORUM pkges or individually published modules. I have similar concerns in that I'm trying to produce a single course with seven scenes. I had hoped the scenes in Storyline would somehow be preserved (otherwise what's the point of having them??) on publishing and therefore translate into individually recognizable "modules" in Moodle. No such thing. Instead I'm forced to publish each 'scene' as an individual Storyline Scorum package. Anybody manage to get Moodle to Auto -continue?.....

  • Auto-Continue - If Auto-continue is set to Yes, when a Learning Object calls the "close communication" method, the next available Learning Object is launched automatically.If it is set to No, the users must use the "Continue" button to go on.

TIP: Auto-Continue will only move from one SCORM to the next within the same topic.

Stephan Sinka

An alternate "solution" is to use Simple Scorum Packager ( SSP ) to compile the individual Storyline courses into a single Scorum Unit and that way they are linked to each other. There may be limitations with this ( number of quiz results that can be reported) but it seems to work. I did manage to get a test course that was compiled with SSP, it is included here. It can be loaded as a single course using the zip file into Moodle, but will play as 3 modules,#1 dogs,#2 Cats and #3 quiz.

PLease let me know if anyone has had success with either method.

Stephan Sinka

One last resort question, What about adding a web object onto the last page of the storyline course and point it to the moodle php page that starts the next SCORUM package ( or course Module in my case). Anybody think that could work? Joe Deegan posted this solution to exit a course and bring the learner back to the Moodle home page. Could it work to start the next scorum package? Any thoughts?