Storyline Review Results Slide

Hello all,

 I've created a tutorial in Storyline that includes a number of multiple answer quiz questions and a blank results slides with a 'review results' button for each of these question. I've removed the next and previous player buttons from all the other slides in the usual way however they still appear on the review results slide (after pressing the review button). Any ideas as to how I remove these buttons? Any advice greatly appreciated. 

Thanks, Sarah 

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Wendy Farmer

Hi Sarah

I am having an epiphany...I remember long time ago someone tried to do this and we hacked the frame.xml file.  Locating the Prev/Next entries and changing them from True to False - I'll see if I can find the post for the might be able to have a play with a test file and see if it works.  BTW it's not supported by Articulate ;-)