Storyline running slowly in LMS

Hi.  I have created a course that runs perfectly when tested by me and my testers offline and from a webserver.  We have also tested as a user on the Client's LMS - all fine.  However, when tested by the client the modules run incredibly slowly, some images don't load at all, and some audio won't load and they can't get beyond the fourth screen.  Module is published as SCORM 1.2.  They are running it on IE7 and flash version

Normal 0 false false false oNotPromoteQF /> EN-GB X-NONE X-NONE ontGrowAutofit /> They have very good bandwidth capability and have a large e-learning portfolio created in differnt tools that all run perfectly, but this is the first time for Storyline. Would be greatful for any insights on solving the problem.

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Stefano Posti

Pat, I'm afraid you won't like what I am going to tell you.....

Phil is right, 10.x Flash versions have had some problems so an update to latest version could help, in terms of processor and memory usage (therefore flash object are managed better); but there is more, unfortunately.

IE7 and IE8 DO NOT get along well with latest flash versions (from 10.x onwards). Flash player 10 was released when IE9 had already been released, if I'm not wrong. So, maybe because separate progress, several problems have occurred, that is why Adobe has released many upgrade (we are getting to 12.xx ... by now)  

I have experienced the very same problem that you 're having, and I STILL have it with some customers...

In particular:

IE 7 with 10.x or 11.x flash plugin still is terribly slow with flas objects published at 10.x or higher level;

IE8 with 10.x is slow, it's much better with 11.x, but IT COULD HAVE TRACKING ISSUES;

Our solution was to upgrade flash AND use Chrome or IE9 or IE10. No more issues with this combination.

Please consider that corporate policies on PCs may affect the browser performance, too.... It depends...

Another important try is to analyze Customers' web content filtering / firewall systems.

Be sure that the LMS url is in the trusted sites both at firewall/web content level and at browser configuration level.

The most used solution by my Corporate Clients was to provide users with a link to a portable chrome executable browser, and use Chrome to access my courses....

hope it helps,

have a nice weekend.


Pat Kyle

Many thanks Phil and Stephano, much appreciated.  It looks like on this occasion we will need to rebuild the elearning series in another tool to meet their IT specification.  I think it would be useful to put some of this info on the minimum specification page which currently implies IE7 + Flash 10 should work as I took this litterally and so might others.

Pat Kyle

Hello again, Just bracing ourselves for the rebuild, but just before we do that, just checking we covered everything. 

Could the fact that the users had already viewed the material on my webserver cause any problem due to cache? Just want to make sure I am making useful suggestions at this awkward stage. 

Is module size likely to be a factor - the module is 16Mb though I guess I could break the chapters into modules.

Thanks in advance for your expert thoughts.


nur faya


Currently having same issue here. Still not solve. I'm using Articulate Stroryline 3 to produce SCORM 1.2. Size file 18mb.

Tested in and our own LMS, it works fine, no playback delay. No loading issue. Even tested on Chrome, IE11, and Firefox and there is no issue, but when our client uploaded in their LMS, they experienced quite long loading times to launch a course.They are running it on IE11. Is it has something to do with their firewall? Since they are from banking industry. This is 8th SCORM we develop for this specific client, only this current SCORM (developed using Articulate 3) behave differently from the previous SCORM  (developed using Articulate 2 then upgrade to Articulate 3). 

Tried to delete cache from browser but does not work. Tried import to new project story file also does not work.