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Neil Cramer

Thank you.  I do understand how to change the size of the slide isons in the scenes in Story View, but what I am taking about is the Scenes panel in the Slide View (the panel on the left of the displayed slide).  For me those icons are extremely tiny and there is no equivalent zoom slider as you see in Story View or for the slide itself.

Jason Cosmo

Thanks, Leslie. Here's an example. Initially, I thought the icons in the scenes panels had been rendered tiny because the project I am working on had a lots of slides some of which had branching as well. But in this project there are only a few slides and the icons are still tiny.  I'm using Storyline 2. As I mentioned in my first post, these icons used to be bigger across all projects.

Lerissa Patrick

This still doesn't work for me. I do the Ctrl+scroll thing and the thumbnails are readable, then I dock/undock. The very next time touch the vertical scroll bar to resize it, they return to mini size. Docking/undocking doesn't set a default. Is there another way to set the default so it sticks? It also goes back to mini size when I'm switching out of Slide Master view. Really annoying.