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Feb 17, 2015


I know that this subject have a lot of posts but I steel can find the answers and i start to be frustrated,

I have a e-Learning course that coursewares are the most, and I'm using moodle 2.7 as my LMS ,

my users having a problems like this:

* the Courseware getting stuck once in a will and not let the user go forward, when I open the Courseware at my computer everything is look normaly and not get stuck- I conclude that it related to the computer, browser or somthing like that- Is there another explanation for that?

* Some of the text does'nt appear- I don't understant how it can be, the project is published as swf so I don't understand how it can be?

In another browser at the same computer it's looks ok.

All mu courseware are publish with HTML5 so I don't understand why it still hapenning

*One last thing,

My SCORM, somtimes does not send the grade to the LMS system, I ask this questions before and I know that the SCORM is a package that I can't control but maybe someone know how to make it happend?

I know that it may related to the MOODLE but maybe someone have the same problem and get the answer?


Thank you,



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michelle eames
  • what browser are they using.  There is a known issue between Moodle and IE11.  
  • is the file packaged as a scorm and added as a scorm activity to Moodle?
    • have you set the the the correct settings when you publish the file (i.e. check for a results slide)
    • have you set the activity completion criteria on the course /scorm activity
  • Are students logging in?  Sometimes if you allow guests to access the course the results don't seem to report properly.

I had to do a few trial runs before I got the scorm to speak Moodle!  Often it is just a tiny setting that has gone awry.  

Revital tz


1. I can not know what browser they are using, everybody has diffrent computer and they are learn from home

2. Yes, I add as scorm activity

3. Yes, set the correct setting

4. Yes for the complation creireria

5. Yes they are log in with there users and passwords

I did a lot of tests- try diffrent computers, try diffrent browsers, i try everything but i can not find the exact  problem

It can even be that at the same courseware one student is get in without any problem and someone else the grade is not send to the LMS,

Than, one student get in to one coursewares and the grade is send to the LMS and at another courseware it is not and he work from the same computer ans browser

Thanks for your answers

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Revital, 

You may want to begin by reviewing the information here in regards to troubleshooting common LMS issues, and also look at testing the course in SCORM Cloud to see how it behaves there. 

Also, although you may not know the browser the users are using you'll want to confirm that they're using a supported browser as detailed here. 

Revital tz


Thanks for the links, all of my setting as recomeded at "common LMS issues",

My problem happend once in a will for users, and i just cann't put my finger on the exact problem,

Beside if the problem it just don't send the grade to the LMs i can't understand why there is view problems?

1. At google chrome it's look very samll as you can see at Example1 file

2. The text look very bad- one letter the user can see and the next letter the user not see, I don't have print screen of it beacause it's happend just in explorer but I didin't find out in what version,

I try to open it at explorer 8 and 9 and didin't see any problem






Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Revital,

I have heard of a few display problems in Chrome associated with Moodle - is that the LMS you're using? You may want to reach out to the Moodle team and see if they have any additional information to share in regards to this issue - and you could also confirm that the issue is specific to your LMS by testing in a site such as SCORM Cloud which is an industry standard for testing SCORM content. 

In regards to text not appearing correctly in Internet Explorer, I have heard that a few times before, and it was generally connected to the flash version associated with the IE version. So you'll want to make sure that your users are accessing the course in the latest versions of each browser and with the updated Flash versions. 

Revital tz

HI Ashley

Thank you for your answers

My LMS is moodle and at the same time I post here I also contect the moodle team and try to get an answer

Moodle and scorm is became a mystery I try to find an unswer for long time and just did not get any

Beside, the problem with the text is a new problem that came up now

To the text problem there is no solution? is the HTML5 does not suppos to solve that?





Senthil Kumar

Hi Revital,

i have faced many issue initially and rectified it, lemme tell you what i have done, probably this could help you.

1." Course getting struck some time in some browsers and some systems ": before you assign a course to student/learner , please access the course from low configuration and low bandwidth system and Click next next next continuously, the course will struck. This is because of processing time and content download time. 

How did I rectified it? - I have used storyline SDK, and disabled the next button once the learner click next. Again the next button will enable after pre-loading process completes.

2. "Text clarity issue" - try with given player property below before publishing:

Browser Size: Resize browser to fill screen.

Player Size: Scale player to fill browser window.

3. "LMS Tracking issue" - Please test the package using reload editor, so that you will be able to know how the tracking is happening immediately at every page load. 


1. Some technical issues i have faced earlier, have been resolved when i update storyline1 with version-8.

2. Moodle configuration: -  also it is good to launch the course in the same window (for some cases).

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