Storyline SCORM file not consistently communicating quiz scores or completion to the LMS

Jul 29, 2016

Hi everyone, I've seen a few posts about this on other threads, but haven't found one yet where my issue is described, and I'm hoping to get your collective wisdom. 

I have a few Storyline modules with graded quizzes published into SCORM 2004 Version 3 (for Cornerstone CSOD). They are set to mark completion using the Results slide, Pass/Fail, where they will be marked as complete whether or not they receive a high enough passing score. I have tested them on and have confirmed the behavior that I expect from each of them - users should be allowed to complete the module even if they get below a 70%. 

Here is the issue... Of our users, about 5-10% of them will complete the module and the graded quiz from start to finish, but not receive a score on their transcript or receive a completion on the module. The remaining 90-95% of users see no issue. We have done some troubleshooting with the users, and haven't been able to find a pattern in terms of platform, browser, time of day, etc... Even more confusing is the fact that a number of users (about 6 out of 300) do receive a score in their transcript, yet they do not receive completion credit for the module. 

I am very confused about why this is happening to a small percentage of our users... Especially regarding the last piece - if users are receiving a score, shouldn't they also automatically receive completion credit for their module? 

We have reached out to the Cornerstone folks about the issue as well, but I would like to get the perspective of others on Storyline. Anyone else experience this or similar issues? 

Many thanks!!

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Mark Shepherd

Hi Lulu:

In our organization, we sometimes see this issue as well, but it happens much more frequently than the smaller percentage that you quote for your own Cornerstone LMS.

When communicating with LMS systems, Storyline generally tends to work best when using a PASS/FAIL approach. 

In other words, you may need to ensure your SCORM Quiz settings are configured for this option, and also build a results slide that converts the raw score number into one of these states, so it can be better communicated to the LMS.

That's not to say that using a COMPLETE state won't work, it just may not work well with older systems, such as the older Saba system (5.5) we've been using up until very recently. 

We are now using Saba 7.x, but it's very early days, so it's likely we won't try anything new regarding how this approach works for us for some time yet.

In one or two learning module cases, we've had to do some additional back-end processing on the LMS (from the Administrator side) to convert a submitted SCORM PASS result into a COMPLETED one in order for our LMS system to be able to recognize completion states better.

Perhaps you may need to look into this option as well for your own LMS back-end.

Hope this helps!


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