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May 15, 2015


I have added a Storyline piece to our instance of Canvas LMS. The piece includes some quiz slides and a total possible score of 100 points. After taking the course in Canvas, the total score (e.g. 75/100) is reported to the gradebook, which is great.

I'm wondering if there is any way to be able to see specifically which quiz questions were answered correctly/incorrectly along with just seeing the total score (75/100). For example, John Doe answered "A" on Question 5 when the correct answer was actually "C", or John Doe got the drag and drop question correct, etc.

I tried publishing the Storyline file as SCORM 2004 and also Tin Can API, but neither provides a way to review question by question quiz results - only the total score.

Not sure what is possible here. Hoping someone has some experience with configuring Canvas or Storyline to be able to provide this level of quiz results reporting. Thanks in advance.


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jake,

I don't have any experience with Canvas, but the reporting and tracking of how the user answered each question is typically something handled by the LMS - so you may want to reach out to your Canvas team to see if there are particular settings you need to account for either in Storyline's publishing or the reporting set up of Canvas. If you want to look at another baseline for testing SCORM output, you can upload a copy of your published output to SCORM Cloud which is an industry standard for testing SCORM output. 

Also, here is the information Storyline will send to your LMS in regards to quiz question data. 

Brad Buccambuso

Any updates on this Jake? I'm playing around in the Canvas sandbox with a SCORM 1.2 Storyline file but do not know how to view even basic SCORM results. Do I have to set up a quiz first on the Canvas end before the Storyline output will talk to it? I'd love to get Storyline working with Canvas for more than just viewing!

Brad Buccambuso
Michael Rosenberger

Anyone have this process for Storyline in Canvas using SCORM to report grades figured out and willing to share. I tried a few packages and they import and operate but don't report grades.


Just curious, and thanks for any help.

I can't even get them to play in Canvas as Flash or HTML5 objects. Do you follow the process of:

  1. zip up the project
  2. Upload to "Files" in Canvas
  3. Link to file in course

I get the loading icon forever each time I try to launch the story, story_html5, or index_lms.html files. I believe this process is explained here, which I followed. 

Michael Rosenberger

I tried doing the zip process as explained there a few months ago with no luck. I tried importing the zip as a SCORM package as well without success. I am going to be playing with it again this next week and was hoping someone had a working model, but I will share out anything I find that works.


 EDIT: Here is the Canvas guide I followed.



Michael Rosenberger

Quick update: I just created another quick quiz to test this. I exported this time using SCORM 2004 and then imported in the activated SCORM package area in Canvas:


SCORM Canvas Upload



This worked on my initial test, but *sigh* gotta head home for the day. Will follow up again wth additional testing results. Hopefully it is just that easy....HOPEFULLY.



Jack Schofield

Okay, I got it to work in Canvas. SCORM Settings> SCORM 2004 (3rd edition)> Tracking make sure you select the result side that has the end score.  Make sure image output settings are set to high quality. For the player I had to got to the setting icon and make sure on Resume: That you check When running in LMS, ignore Flash Cookie.

Brad Buccambuso

Yes thanks Jack! You really helped me out. From an even more basic starting point, one's organization needs to have their Instructure success rep assigned to you flick a "switch" to enable SCORM first. I'm a little embarassed to say it, but the lack of a SCORM button on the left-hand menu had me puzzled. Sure enough, we hadn't yet requested SCORM be enabled. We're off and running now with our first ever Storyline course and figuring out tracking and how to leverage it in existing courses. 

Angela Nicholas

I was able to load a Storyline 2 SCORM quiz into Canvas and get Canvas to display points and percentages correctly in the gradebook. The quiz has 8 questions and is set to ‘pass’ at 70%. The ideal is that this is a Complete/Incomplete assignment. If the user gets >70%, then they earn a Complete, and < 70%, an Incomplete. The issue seems to be I can’t get Canvas to report a complete with anything other than a 100%. The quiz reports correctly in SCORM Cloud, so I suspect it's a Canvas issue, but thought I'd post here in case anyone had any ideas.


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Angela,

Thanks for reaching out here and I'm not certain if folks are still subscribed to this thread, but you may want to message them directly using the "contact me" button to reach out directly. Since it worked in SCORM Cloud as expected, I'd agree that Canvas is likely where the issue lies, so you'll want to connect with your LMS team as well. 

Bill Creger

Okay - I am really frustrated! Have tried almost every setting to try and get points to show up in the Canvas grade book but to no avail.

Settings to LMS
Scorm 2004 (3rd edition)
Tracking my last results slide
Importing into Canvas as graded assignment
Edit assignment changing grading to 10 points and grade from percentage to points
When previewed the percent shows at the top when assignment passed (8/10 minimum to pass)

Have included a zip of my output as well as my Storyline 360 file.

Any help GREATLY appreciated!!!!


Alyssa Gomez

Hi there Bill, I'm glad you reached out! I'm here to help. ☺️

I see you included a results slide (slide 1.11). Do your learners actually visit that slide when they're taking the course?

The results slide is Storyline's trigger to send quiz data to the LMS. If your learners don't actually open that slide, data will not be sent.

Let me know if that clears things up!

Bill Creger

Yes they do see that slide - it is the last before they "Exit" the course.

When I "preview" the assignment and take the quiz it does register a score but when I try to take it in student view the grade is not appearing in the Canvas grade book - wondering if its a setting in the publish process. Or is there a way to test it to determine if the problem is Storyline or Canvas?


Crystal Horn

Hi there Clare!  To just confirm, the results slide sends the information to your LMS, so your learners do need to land on that slide with the trigger to "Submit results..." unless you're using a different completion method.

If you're having any trouble, feel free to give SCORM Cloud a try for troubleshooting.  If your course reports correctly there, you can give that information to your Canvas support folks to try to narrow down the issue.

Let me know if you need any help!

Clare Smith

Hi Crystal thanks for your reply. 

I've been testing with SCORM Cloud using both a version in which the student visits the result slide and one which doesn't. In SCORM cloud the score is recorded without visiting the slide. In the version which visits the results slide, completion, status AND score are recorded. I'll be passing this on thanks! 

I've also been testing settings within Canvas, namely if copying SCORM between courses or using the central LMS share repository retains or loses functionality, There are so many variables between Articulate itself plus the LMS...! :-/ 


Stormi Henry

Hi Leslie,

I am completely stuck on this same issue. I added my Storyline course as a SCORM file into Canvas and no matter what the student scores, the Canvas grades shows a 0%. I've attached the SCORM file in hopes that it is a setting I am missing. Here is a screencast of what students do with the graded assignment, and how it immediately shows as 0%.  I would be so grateful for any guidance. 

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