Storyline Screen Capture Limitation?

May 21, 2012

Storyline's screen capture tool does not appear to allow a user to select a running application instead of a window or screen area.

In my case, it is limiting me from capturing a VMware application. Once I start recording in Storyline, and bring up the VMware's window, I'm unable to enter text in that application's text fields. However, when I use Captivate's "select application", I do not have this issue.

This is an important feature, should be addressed, but if anyone knows of a workaround, I'd sure appreciate it. I'd hate for this to prevent adoption of Storyline because otherwise it's a great tool!

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Helen Tyson

Any responses yet to Rob's original question?

I have a trainee who wants to capture from a remote desktop and although the capture does seem to work if you record Full Screen there is a white flash at the start of the recording which I think is when you have to select the remote application window.

Any suggestions of how we can prevent, or get rid of this?

Tomer Rotem

Hi all,

I am very imppresed with Storyline. i wanted to procure several licences to my company but i saw this post and wonder if SL will capture our command line based applications.

So i tested Storyline and found out that it fails to capture Command Line applications when selecting one of the Step by Step modes.

BTW, No problem in demo (single slide) mode.

The problem is that It captures text commands as one single command.

You can go ahead and try to capture some CMD commands.
After selecting try me/test  mode all the commands will appear as one.

Problem gets worse in other CLI based applications such as putty.

I think it may be related to the technology behind the way SL capture screen commands.

I also tried captivate and as Rob i managed to produce a good result in step by step modes.

Hope you will have solution for this problem..



Bruce Graham

Tomer Rotem said:

Hi Bruce,

I am not so familiar with SL and I didn’t find the bug log button in the top right corner.

Can you be more specific or post a picture of this button so I can find it?




Sorry - I was talking complete nonsense....

Try this:


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