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Hi there,

I have created an elearning module using Storyline 1. I created a scene and added a screen-capture of the system. using Storyline. The project is about 60 slides and 55MB. When I preview the project in Storyline, it works fine. However, when I publish the file, and view it in IE 8 or 11, there is a delay in loading some parts of the simulation. Surprisingly enough, when I preview it in Chrome, it works fine. 

Is there a way to make this work in IE, since my organisation uses IE as the default browser.


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Mervat Zahra

Hi Ashley,

Thanks for the prompt response. I have checked your previous posts infact before I posted the question.

Yes, I am publishing it locally. But if you see the below screenshots, there is a delay in IE in loading the background and hence there is a grey screen.
Whereas in Chrome, it loads the same way as I would see it in preview mode in Storyline.

I am highly confused as to why its not loading IE, as my clientele using IE and they are not going to upgrade to Chrome.



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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jalpa, 

First, when replying via email your signature is included here, so you may want to edit the post to remove that information. Attachments are not included as a part of the reply, so you'll need to visit the page to include the screenshots here. When you're testing this published output are you doing so within the intended environment or from the files located on your local drive? You'll want to ensure you're testing in the intended environment as playing it locally can cause issues with how things display.