Storyline Sequence Drag and Drop hover colors

Jul 12, 2012

How do I change the hover color for the Sequence Drag and Drop in Storyline? The color that is showing up (default I am assuming) is not in my theme colors so I don't know where to change it. Am I looking in the wrong place and it's not changed in the Custom Theme Colors?

Thanks for any insight!

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Greg Nelson

Hi, I'm using Storyline 360 - currently updated and not able to edit the roll over color in a Sequence Drag and Drop interaction. (Attached) After all the previous reading, I'm just wondering has this been fixed? If so, can you tell me how to edit the rollover state of the Seq D&D and the default text field color. I'm sorry, I may have missed the solution along the way,

regards Greg

Greg Nelson

Hi Alyssa,

thank you so much for the instructions. This worked fine. Can you help with another query related to the Sequence D&D activity. I'm wanting to change the text size of the question responses. When I do this the changes do not seem to reflected in Preview or in Review (attached grabs). Are there any tricks to this i.e do I need to set the Player up differently (currently in Classic)? I guess I'm generally wondering how to get more control over the design of the question text and text box's,

king regards Greg


Alyssa Gomez

Hi there, Greg! You should see the font size reflected correctly when you Preview the slide, no matter if you're using the Classic or the Modern player. Here's a quick demo that explains how this works. 

Are you on the latest update of Storyline 360? To check, click the Help tab, then click About Storyline. You should see 3.27.18822.0 in the bottom-right corner. 

Let me know if you see a difference after updating to the latest version!

Greg Nelson

Hi Alyssa,

thanks again for explaining. I really appreciate the screen grab movie. I have attached a link that might explain further whats happening at my end. I'm sure its something simple that I'm doing wrong. As a note, I would really like to maintain the same font size throughout, but I'm finding I have to increase the size above Helvetica 12 to appear correct in the preview.

Hope you can help,

regards Greg 

Alyssa Gomez

Hi there Greg,

Thanks for including the Peek 360 video! That was incredibly helpful, and I can clearly see that something isn't working well on your end.

Because I'm still unable to recreate this problem on my end, I'd love to have the chance to take a look at your file. Would you mind sharing it with me?

You can share it publicly here, or send it to me privately by uploading it here. I'll delete it when I'm done troubleshooting.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi everyone,

Good news! We fixed the issue you reported where:

The font size on Sequence Drag and Drop answer choices are displayed smaller when viewed on Preview or Published output

Be sure to install the latest Storyline 360 update to take advantage of all the recent features and fixes. 

If the problem happens again, please record a Peek 360 screencast for me, and I'll be happy to help or you can always work directly with our support engineers here.

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