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Jill McNair

Hi Lisa,

I know that some of the showcase files are proprietary/private, so in general they do not share them.  But you could always send a private message to the person who created it and see if they will help you - and they often will!

If you have not sent a private message before, the easiest thing to do is to click on the person's name that you want to send the message to.  This will load their profile page.  There's a link just under their picture that says, "Send a Private Message"  

After you've sent your private message - check your inbox for responses.  You inbox is located at the top (right side) of this page to the left of your picture.  It will have a little number beside it if you have any messages.

Hope this helps! 


Jeanette Brooks

Hi Lisa! I built the Hangman and Bananas game, and you are welcome to take a look at the source files! Just be aware that: (1) they contain some custom fonts, so unless you have the same fonts installed on your computer, the slides will look a little different than the published output when you open them in Storyline on your computer, and (2) I created these during the beta as test projects, using earlier builds of Storyline. Which just means that in a few cases there might be better/quicker/more efficient ways to accomplish some of the effects, now that Storyline has evolved a bit more! In any case, here ya go:

Hangman: Published | Source

Bananas: Published | Source

Ralph Teckenburg

Hey Jeanette, 

wow, I love that !

Your Hangman is actually the only playing project I´ve ever seen.

For me - as a beginner - this would be nice to have in the very beginning of the tutorial site, 

so that I know where we´re heading. 

Is there a link to completed projects that I could play around with ?

I would love to play a little with buttons and effects before I hit the tutorials...

Dankeschön !

Jeanette Brooks

Hi Ralph! And yes absolutely - we have a whole bunch of published courses you can take a look at in the Storyline showcase. Many of these samples were created by our beta users, and it's really fun to see the diversity of interactions, designs, and effects. It's a great way to see what Storyline is capable of. Have fun!

Nicole D

Thanks Jeannette - I've reviewed that page but it doesn't go into much detail. Are roll overs, show/hide actions using layers etc etc 508 compliant? I use Lectora and have to incorporate many work arounds to get certain interactions to be compliant. I just purchased Storyline and am excited to start using it! A guide on "How to Make Your Course 508 Compliant Using Storyline" would be very useful! Thanks,

Jeanette Brooks

Hey Nicole, stay tuned, we're working on some resources that will help take the mystery out of designing compliant content. Regarding using hover effects - if the hover is strictly for cosmetic purposes and doesn't convey content (i.e., a glow or a change in color on a button when you mouseover it) I would consider that ok. But anytime a hover effect is used for conveying or revealing content, I would stay away from that unless you provide a way to reveal the same content via keyboard navigation. 

Jeanette Brooks

Hi there Fern and thanks for the kind words. I haven't yet done a screencast on it, but I did try to set up the file so that the game could be reused if someone wanted to use it with a different word. 

You're welcome to download the source file and give it a go! The font will look funny unless you happen to have the same custom font installed on your computer. You can get the font here if you want it.

When you open the story file, you'll find that slide 2 is actually a "starter slide" that you can modify and place in your own course. Here's how to customize it for your own word: 

  1. Change the Revealed state of each green circle, so that the letters spell your word. You can copy/paste or delete more green circles if you need a different number of letters to spell your word.
  2. If you add more green circles to spell a longer word, you'll want to do the following for each new circle:
    -Name it on the timeline. I named my green circles Correct1, Correct 2, Correct3, and so on.
    -In the timeline, adjust the entrance time so each letter comes in after the previous letter. In the original, I staggered them.
    -In the Triggers, adjust the Slide Trigger that plays the "Ting" sound so that it plays when the state of your new green circle(s) are "Revealed."
  3. All the yellow letters are currently set to behave like incorrect choices. For each CORRECT letter in your word, do this:
    -Select the Correct yellow circle that appears off to the left of the slide stage. In the trigger panel, you'll see it contains a trigger to "Change state of Correct1 to Revealed." Copy that trigger, and paste it to one of your correct letters. Then adjust the target of the trigger so that it reveals the appropriate green letter. (Remember that if a correct letter appears multiple times in your word,  you'll need to change the state of multiple green circles!)
    -On each correct yellow letter, delete the trigger that adds 1 to the variable called Incorrect.
  4. On the "Failed" feedback layer, change the text so that it tells the learner what the right word was.
Jonathan Bacon

Jeanette, I've been trying to dissect the Bananas Quiz that you built. Little by little, I'm reworking to quiz on first grade spelling words (to use at the elementary school where I volunteer) rather than Math. I guess I'm uncertain how to substitute one question bank for another. I thought I had replaced the slides in the original question bank but the original Math-based questions keep showing up. Is there a tutorial or explanation of how to switch out question banks? I looked through the Storyline tutorials, but maybe I missed it.

Jeanette Brooks

Hi Jonathan, if you go to Story View and then click Question Banks, you should be able to then click on the name of your question bank (it might be called "Question Bank 1" unless you gave it a different name). When you click it, you should see a list of all the questions in that bank, like the picture below. You can scroll through and see if there are any math questions still left in there. 

Holly MacDonald

Nicole Duclos said:

Thanks Jeannette - I've reviewed that page but it doesn't go into much detail. Are roll overs, show/hide actions using layers etc etc 508 compliant? I use Lectora and have to incorporate many work arounds to get certain interactions to be compliant. I just purchased Storyline and am excited to start using it! A guide on "How to Make Your Course 508 Compliant Using Storyline" would be very useful! Thanks,

Nicole - have you reached out to Diane Elkins of Artisan Elearning? She's a member of the community and I think knowledgeable on section 508 and storyline. I wonder if this helps? http://www.slideshare.net/artisanelrng/accessibility-features-of-popular-authoring-tools

Jonathan Bacon

Thanks Jeanette, however, I guess what it turns out that I'm really trying to do is edit your original questions, since I want to use the Bananas Quiz screen format (sign, total answered correctly, and so on). However, when I go to the slide master for the question and edit the font and font size (and reposition on the sign), it doesn't change the slide when I save the slide master and preview the slide. Even after selecting "Reset" it retains the old format. Further, when changing the three responses to five, the answers disappear when working on the slide as well as when previewing it. Obviously I'm doing something wrong. Any ideas?

Fern McCracken

Hi Jeanette,

I have recently used your bananas file to create a child's game on choosing healthy foods but I have run into one glitch.  I have changed the questions from multiplication to food pairs.  Children must choose which is the more nutritious food choice when given two choices.  Everything works great except when they have successfully completed 4 correct responses and they are working on the next quiz question (if they get it wrong) the Monkey (or in my tutorial the star) jumps back a spot and then forward again rather than staying put.

Obviously something has gone wrong in the variables but I just can't seem to find it.  It matches your orginal files perfectly. Could it be related to the fact that I have changed the multiple choice questions from 3 answers to 2 answers?  What does "whistleneeded" mean?  Any suggestions.