Storyline shuts down


Storyline 360 litteraly shuts down each time I try to open the media library.

The problem also occurs with a blank document. I tried re-installing Storyline and the problem is still there.

I am using Storyline 3.40 on Windows 10.

The problem does not occur on my remote Windows 7 machine with Storyline 3.40.

The problem does not occur on my collegue's Windows 10 machine with Storyline 3.39.


Any ideas why this happens? Am I alone?



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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Martin,

Thanks for connecting with our Support Team as well! I saw from your conversation with Matthew that you reverted to Update 39 and things are working smoothly again. Glad you've found a path forward, but we'd love to figure out where things went wrong so that you can work on the latest update! 

Let Matthew know when you've got some time to install Update 40 and test again, we can work with you on next steps!