Storyline SL1 files


I've got older SL1 files that I'd like to open in SL360 but not able to.  I do see previous posts that recommend downloading SL2, importing the SL1 file and saving to SL2 file format, then importing the SL2 file into SL360.

I can't file the SL2 app download, only the SL3.

Is it still possible to resurrect older SL1 files?

Thank you

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Joshua Willter

Thank you Jeff.  We actually have a few SL1 files to deal with and evaluating if we will build new material from scratch.  So, for we are looking for a long term solution to convert older files in-house.  I see that Articulate has a download for SL2 (from where we could import SL1 files, save as SL2 files, then import the SL2 files into SL360) but the link actually points to SL3.  Hoping Articulate can correct the link or have another solution.  Thank you for offer though!