Storyline slide background seems to be transparent on mobiles when published SCORM 1.2

Hi I am having a problem with the background of my presentation on mobiles. It appears to be transparent and showing the default black background through white slides (see slide 1+3). On slide 2 where I have a pale blue background the black still seems to show through.

I have attached Slides 1-3 as they appear in Storyline 360 and then as they appear in the published Scorm 1.2 file on a mobile.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Lauren Connelly

Hi Kelvin!

Thank you for sharing those screenshots! I'm eager to see what might be causing this snag.

Let's start with these three questions:

  • Are you using the same browser when viewing the course on the web and the mobile device?
  • Are you using dark mode on the mobile device?
  • Are you viewing the course in an app associated with an LMS?

It would be helpful to see your .story file to better understand the issue. Would you mind uploading the file to us privately using this secure upload link? We'll take a look at the project and reply with our findings as soon as possible. 

Kelvin Sprague

Hi Lauren,

I do not have access to the LMS system the client uses they are screenshots they sent to me.

I have asked similar questions and it was tested on a Samsung mobile device, these were where the shots were sent from.

It appears that it works on an iphone using Safari and a Samsung using Chrome as the browser. 

I have attached the three slides here in Storyline.

Hope this helps. If I hear back from the client I will provide more details.

Lauren Connelly

Hello Kelvin!

Thank you for sharing the .story file! I've tested the file in Safari and Chrome using an iPhone running ios 14. Unfortunately, I do not see anything similar to the screenshots you've shared previously.

Would you mind sharing which LMS they are using and if the Samsung device has a Dark Mode set?

I appreciate your help troubleshooting this issue!

Kelvin Sprague

Hi Lauren,

Apologies for the delay in getting back to you, it is hard getting answers from my client.

I initially asked the same question regarding Dark mode but was told this wasn't the case.

I now am able to login and I have tested it in Opera, Chrome, Safari, Microsoft Edge & Firefox.
All of these tests were on an iMac and it was fine.

Also my tests from iphone and iPad are okay.

I do not have a Samsung device to test on. But I have asked the client for as much clarity as they can provide. I believe it worked on Chrome on the device but not in another browser but I do not know which or indeed what Samsung model.

I have asked questions hopefully I will be able to come back soon with more information.

Hope this helps. Sorry it is so sketchy.

Katie Riggio

Hi, Kelvin. No worries and we appreciate all the clues!

To add to the testing collection, I'm also unable to reproduce the black background—this time on a Samsung Galaxy S20 | Firefox and Chrome:


Could you ask your client to access this link on their end? I'm curious to see if there's any difference. 

Lastly - if you could grab the Samsung device model and OS number, that would help us greatly. We can retest the output in a similar simulated environment!

P.S. Excellent and informative course, by the way! đź‘Ź

Kelvin Sprague

Hi Kaite,

Apologies I now have the answers required to sort this out.

The very first question I asked them was 'Is your device in dark mode?'. The response was 'No'.

The device is a Samsung A40 which apparently ships with it's own browser. The default setting it seems is in fact dark mode.

When I asked them to try a different browser they used Chrome and it was fine. This was because Chrome wasn't playing it in dark mode.

They have switched to light mode and now it also works on the Samsung browser. So it does seem all along that the dark mode setting was the reason.

Apologies for the time spent trying to sort this out.

Regards Kelvin

P.S. Thank you for the compliment. The course is 62 slides long so the actual course runs much more smoothly. Thank you again for your time and assistance.