Storyline Slide Glitches/Bounces

I am creating an elearning, and have used the Velocity Process Interaction slide (with 6 cards that flip over). 

This slide works great in the software preview, but when launched on the SCORM engine it glitches with the entire bottom row. When the bottom row is moused over or the cards clicked, the slide bounces and jumps on the screen. 

Has anyone experienced this, or have thoughts on how to resolve it? 
Thank you. 

More info: Experienced on IE running Windows 10

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Brian Allen

IE doesn't have great support for HTML5 unfortunately. When I was in an IE environment we generally published for Flash output with HTML5 backup, and it was a much better experience on IE.

I know this isn't extremely helpful, but here are some tips on HTML5 and browsers:

AND, it seems that this article indicates that most if not all of what you're doing *should* be supported in IE on HTML5:

You may consider submitting a support ticket with Articulate if you haven't already.