Storyline slide not starting properly.

I am trying to figure out why one of my slides is not starting properly. Scenario: The user is asked to place the 6 Lifting steps in the proper order in the Knowledge Check Slide. If they get it wrong they are asked to try again. When they try again and get it wrong, the correct answer slide displays and then accurately moves on and starts the next slide. However when the user gets the answer correct, it skips the correct answer slide (as intended) and takes them to the Proper Ladder Use slide (again as intended), but the slide won't start (for some reason have to push the play button). How can I get the slide to automatically start? The slides are attached.

The correct order for the lifting steps is: Check, Align, Make, Arch, Smoothly and Bend (first word of each option).

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James Snider

In the layer options (little gear wheel on your layer). Check out the settings for When Revisiting. I've attached a screenshot. If you want it to restart, select that. The default is for SL to automatically decide. Sometimes it's not quite what you're looking for. Hope that helps.