Storyline sluggish


I'm just wondering if there are any known issues with Storyline running ridiculously slow? I was just typing into a text field, and it was producing my text at the rate of one letter per second. When I went into my task manager, Storyline was using 49% of my CPU.

I don't have a slow computer, and I have over 2gig of ram. There is nothing else running on my computer other than a notepad file and Outlook.


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David Lindenberg

Ok, so I know this is an old thread and there seems to be consensus on image file size as the culprit.  I just wanted to also chime in.  I just had the same problem on a project.  Everything, including selecting images/text was sluggish.  I do have a lot of images so I went back and resized them all and it's working like a charm.

Another problem solved thanks to the wonderful Articulate community.  Check!