Storyline Speed - Loading, Editing and Saving

Hi All, 

Really love Storyline, but am really struggling to work with it at the moment. I make reasonably large courses (usually around 15 scenes, around 164,000KB). It takes ages to load (10 mins?) and save (same length) and when I try to edit the course it just hangs and spends ages "thinking". 

I've done everything I can think of to stop this happening - using a faster PC, saving all files on my C:\ drive directly and using short file names. Surely 170.000KB can't be the limit for Storyline being usable? Is anyone else having this problem? It's making in a chore to use Storyline now. 

Would love to hear an update! 


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Eric Nalian

Hey Richard,

I am having this issue for my larger courses.  When Update 2 was released a few months back it did make things a little bit easier/better/faster/stronger, however with larger files it is still an issue for me.

The only thing that I have done to stop this from happening is just splitting larger courses up into smaller courses.


Richard Skidmore

Hi Eric, 

Glad to hear it's not just me. I used to build courses in Adobe Captivate, and had to split them up because it couldn't handle the size. One of the best things about Articulate was that I could put the whole course in one file as the package publishing system makes it load so fast and be great for users. 

To be honest I don't really mind the loading/saving times being long. It's such a pity the editing suite can't handle the courses - I don't think they are that big really in the grand scheme of things. 

Can we have another update please?


El Burgaluva

Agreed. Saving doesn't take 10mins for me, but it is ridiculously slow.

The result is that I don't save as often as i do in other applications because if I did, I'd literally spend a quarter of my day waiting for Storyline to save!

And the result of that is when Storyline crashes (which, mercifully is less often since Update 2) or when I foolishly forget that the "Undo" button is utterly useless, I lose a big chunk of work.

Caught between a rock and a hard place here: Do I save more often and waste a lot of time waiting, waiting, waiting... or do I save less often and run the gauntlet of wasting a lot of time re-doing all my work from the previous save-point?  


Christiana Awojinrin

This thread is seven years old but I am having the same issues as El with Storyline saving. 

I am creating software simulations for a clinical application in try and test modes and working on the product is very slow since I am diligently saving after I complete work on each slide. 

With saving my project taking from 3-5 minutes, I have worked out that saving has taken/wasted a total of 10 hours of my time over the last two weeks given the  number of slides I have worked on!