Storyline stalls during editing

Oct 10, 2013

I am running on a Mac Book Pro with Windows XP running through a Bootcamp partition. I am currently editing a high volume course that includes video, audio, graphics and several triggers, slides. I had issues with my partition filling up (I only had 50 GB), this would cause my saves to be very slow and some times the program would stall, thus making my force quit out. 

Since then, I repartitioned my Bootcamp to have 200 GB and have added some RAM, but the program still stalls. Anything else I can try?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Bryce and welcome to Heroes! 

Sorry to hear about the trouble you're having with Storyline running through Bootcamp. I wanted to point you to another thread where a few community members discuss Parallels vs. Bootcamp, and you may want to connect with them to determine what set up they have. The basic requirements for working with Storyline are include in that link. 

Bryce Walker

Hi there, 

Sorry, I never really came back on to answer these posts and that is primarily because I got through my issues. I am running the most current Storyline. Here is a brief summary of what I did to overcome those challenges:

I upgraded my RAM speed processor, repartitioned my harddrive to allow more space in the Bootcamp side (this was stated in my first post). The most important move I made was to reimport the storyline file when it seemed to bog down. The second most important moves I made after were to save after almost every slide was edited. I needed to rely on what was saved and not hope to bang out a bunch of edits (because the program would freeze and I would lose all my progress). 

If you have problems where the system bogs when you are doing a lot in Storyline. Here is how you reimport. Exit out of Storyline, open and go to File-Import, then select the same file you have been creating/editing. The import will take awhile. Make sure to rename the file so that it does not override the one you created initially. This import will take some time, when it is finished, you will see all the slides that you can add to the new project, you can unselect some if you do not need all the files. 

Hope this helps for any who experience what I did a couple weeks ago.


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