Storyline Standards/Best Practices

Oct 24, 2012

Hey Community - 

I was just wondering what some of you have found to be best practices when using this software? 

By best practices, I am referring to things you do during the development process to eliminate issues during your QA. 

Any thoughts and suggestions are much appreciated. 


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Jacinta Penn

One of the things I do with any complicated branching is put it into story view and click on each slide. The blue arrows show where everything will go. I also insert variables rather than typing them out. I used to type them and one tiny spelling mistake would stuff me. Also I use the Storyline correct and incorrect layers - never delete them and create your own. They have lots of unseen automated stuff that comes with them which is hard to recreate perfectly. Change the feedback master instead. Oh and I name everything, layers, graphics, buttons. Then if something is not working it's easy to look at the triggers and see why. Hope this all helps.

Phil Mayor

This is one I use all the time now if i use javascript I add an alert in javascript on the first slide, this way I know my syntax is right and the code is working and that the reason why it doesnt work is my code.

Also test each javascript code separately rather than add huge chunks and not know which one is broken.  the way storyline loads the code means that any syntax errors will break the whole thing.

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