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I am hoping that someone can answer this.  I am working on a Storyline.  Throughout the presentation, I have two buttons Previous / Next to advance.  These two buttons start out Hidden until the user clicks on one of the other buttons (which either links them to a demo or a lightbox).  I have added triggers that will change the states of the Previous / Next button to Normal when either one of these other boxes are chosen. 

Here is my problem.  When they click on the Next button and it takes them box to this slide, the Previous / Next buttons are not appearing.  Even if I click on the boxes?  I don't know how to fix this.  It is very frustrating.

Can someone please advise?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Elisa,

Are the Next/Previous buttons on the individual slides? If so, you'll need to have the state change on each slide - it won't be applied across all slides.  If the buttons are located on a layer of your slide master, Articulate Storyline doesn't currently support changing the state of an object that's located on a layer in your slide master. To interact with objects on a layer, you'll need to add them to the actual content slide rather than the slide master. You could also add the buttons to the base layer of the master slide. For further explanation of how this all works, please review Justin's answer in this thread.