Storyline stopped working after trying update to the new version

I tried to update to the new version of Storyline and in the middle of the install an error message saying "Storyline has encountered a problem and needs to close."  after that install stopped and could not be finished. I tried uninstalling storyloine and reinstalling from my original link. I am still getting the same message and cannot run storyline at all.  My system is running MS Windows XP version 2002 Service Pack 3.

Before this Storyline had been running on my system without any problem.

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Alicia Spillman

I tried to run the install from the zip versionlast time. but to be sure I downloaded the zip version from the link you just provided.  Before running the install, I tried to remove the damaged version and got the error message again. It seemed to finish the removal. Then I tried running the install of the update from the downloaded version and encountered the same message during the middle of the install.  I am really stuck. Can't seem to go forward to new version or back to where it was running.