Storyline story file growing in bytes


I'm working with a story file that was created with Storyline in Trail mode. I have a licensed version now.

The problem is that the story file keeps growing in size (as if the library will not release objects created and then deleted). This is not a caching issue, this is the story file size itsself growing in bytes.

I have tested this by deleting all but 15 slides in the story file and saving it as another name. The new filesize is the same as the filesize of the original.

Is there a solution to this issue?

Best regards,

Dennis Hall

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Dennis Hall

Hi Christine:

This did correct the issue, however, i had this same issue with Captivate CS2 about 5 years ago and the fix was for Adobe to create button that purged the library of all unused items. They were able to create this in quick-time and release an update.

This solution sounds like it could be valualbe here to.

Just a thought.