Storyline Suggestions for format/layout for fill in the blank labeling of a diagram?

I've combed the examples and cannot seem to think of a good way to do this particular learning activity. It's a diagram of a cell and students will be labeling the parts. I'm envisioning the graph with labels on the parts (a, b, c, etc.) and a list of empty blanks on the right (a, b, c, etc.) where the students will input the names of each part. There are 10 items to be labeled and some of the "fill in the blank" templates I've used before were great for just a few items, but with 10 the page can become to busy because you have the "word bank" and the empty blanks. Does anyone have any ideas of how to create this or possible templates or examples that will help me figure out how to build it? Thanks! (I'm using Storyline and Rise.)

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Steve Gannon


Does the exercise need to be "fill in the blank?" A matching drop-down format works well (see attached) except that of course the students have all the possible answer choices available in front of them in this case; however, they still would need to know what's what in order to complete the exercise.

In Storyline you can create a similar layout with a column of input boxes that the user must complete via text entry but the "grading" aspect is a bit more involved to build.