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We are fairly new to Storyline and newer to the TinCan API, so have some questions around this area.  We are developing a Storyline project that requires different course versions to work on Windows, Mac OS X and iPad. The reason for the different versions is that we are including voiceover recording/playback as part of the course - so different code is needed on each device.  Each course will therefore run from an exe file to allow access to local audio functionality and so cannot be run from an LMS.  However, we need to record progress and scores from each course... hence our interest in TinCan.

The course will be the same HTML5 on all devices and will not be delivered until the end of 2013.

So my question is, will TinCan allow us to record progress and scores from all three of these courses, i.e. running locally and run from an exe file initially, that starts the story.html?

We have tried to test a sample Windows course with SCORM Cloud but are not sure how to set this up.  Proof of concept for this version would be excellent at this point.  What we are not clear on is how to authenticate the learner on the LMS from a course that has been run locally.  If anyone has a sample course that runs external to an LMS, or a sample tincan.xml file, we'd be very grateful.

Thanks in advance.

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Andrew Downes

Hi Richard,

The short answer to this post is that yes, Tin Can can do this. You could either report statements from your exe, from the html file or from a mixture of the two.

A great place to get started with Tin Can is which will give you a great introduction to Tin Can and what it is. Once you're done there, head on over to for some guides on how to actually do Tin Can.

If you're looking for a proof of concept, the Tin Can wrapper I'm developing for Adobe Captivate may be of use. You can find this on Github here: I believe that due to some security issues with the Flash this doesn't work if you run it locally, however it may be a starting point.

You should also of course read the actual spec! Section 6.4 discusses security, authentication and authorization.

I'd be happy to answer any more specific questions either here, on Twitter ( or on the Tin Can adopters group (!forum/TinCanAPI-adopters).

Hope that's a helpful starting point for you.