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I have a particular project that has a few bugs. I would like to execute the following items:

* The user is not supposed to navigate through the project until the slide has ended and a "next" and "previous" button appear on screen in the last few seconds. I made these. I also disabled the seek bar for navigation purposes, and locked the menu. The client wants to make sure the viewer does not fats forward through the course. However, this seems to have disabled my "resume saved state" default and bookmarking capability when it goes to the browser. Only when I return the seek bar capability can I refresh the browser window and it will keep the users place. What are my options?

*The exit button does not exit the course, even when trying the "open new browser window feature". This is in "view project" mode on the browser (Google Chrome and Internet Explorer) and also our LMS.

*I have a button to "Launch Survey" and it is not opening the URL in a new browser window. When I use the URL in different browsers, it opens by itself directly to the survey. The survey is on it's own page in Storyline, I want it to open a survey before the user can exit.

I am in urgent need of answers for a client if anyone can help with these issues, please.

Thanks in advance for your help!


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Lisa and welcome to Heroes! 

In regards to the resume - do you have the individual slides set to resume saved state, and the resume behavior turned on within the player properties?  I'd probably need to see this one to get a better sense of your set up and the behavior. 

There are some known reasons why the exit trigger may not function.  Browser security is the most common, or the LMS issue described at the bottom of that articulate. 

For the survey, is it launching within the Storyline window or just not at all? Is the survey created in Storyline?  For web links you'll want to test within the intended publish environment to ensure everything functions properly. 

Please let us know if you need additional help!