Storyline Survey Details Not Reporting to LMS

May 23, 2013

Hi All,

Hoping for some help with this!

We use the Absorb LMS.

1) Quizmaker Quiz reports properly

2) Quizmaker Survey questions report properly and details like essay answers

3) Storyline Quiz SCORM 1.2  reports properly

4) Storyline Survey SCORM 1.2 reports properly but does not show details like essay answers

5) Storyline Survey TINCAN is what we ultimately want to get working but we want to get SCORM working first

I can't seem to find the survey details in SCORM Cloud either so I may be publishing the Storyline Survey improperly.

It is 1) a simple one-slide survey with a short answer question, and 2) a survey results slide.

Question One:

Storyline survey details like short answers, are transferred to the LMS, yes? This is supported, yes?

Question Two:

Before I talk to the LMS company, I want to make sure I'm not doing anything wrong. Any hints on publishing Storyline Surveys in a what that gets details reported to the LMS?


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Laura Cox

In case anyone ever runs into this issue and stumbles on this forum, I thought I would summarize how I solved my issue!

Background: My Storyline contained 2 surveys and 1 post-test. I was originally publishing and tracking the post-test result slide. If I published as Tin Can API, I could SEE the questions from the surveys but not the learners' answers in reports within Absorb LMS.

Solution: I created a (hidden) Results Slide in Storyline and edited the result slide to calculate results for 'selected results slides' and selected all 3 of my results slide, selecting that user must pass each quiz. When publishing, I selected the new Results Slide (for all results) as the tracking data. Now, I can see all the answers in Absorb LMS.
Absorb LMS > Reports > Assessments > Select course > Utilize actions to see details

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