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Joe Waddington

You can set the viewed color in the menu by adjusting the player's color scheme.

Go to Player>Colors & Effects>Show advanced color editing

Here's a quick guide to everything you can change in the player, and how to find it :)


In your case, adjust the List Item>Viewed Item color.


Cheryl Hoover

Hi there,

I'm finishing up a project and finding the menu items are not being recognized as viewed. I'm using the standard Navy Blue player. I've got my timeline set to just 1.5 seconds for each slide, and I'm visiting every slide and clicking through each option. The introduction is working but the other sections aren't showing as viewed. Is there any other setting that would account for this? I've attached the file here. Thanks for your help.

Christie Pollick

Hi, Cheryl -- Thanks so much for your patience while I ran your file through some testing! As you can see if you click on this link, I encountered the same behavior when testing your published output on the SCORM Cloud. I wanted to ask, did you have a chance to check out the options presented in this similar post already?

Cheryl Hoover

There were no solutions in that post, just a question about variables or conditions. In the file I sent you, there are a couple scenes that had restricted Next buttons until objects changed to visited, but that's it. There are no variables in use. There are some scenes with no special navigation at all, and those aren't working either. The only one that's working is the first introduction scene.

I can attempt to strip out everything and just have it go from slide to slide, but that doesn't explain the scenes that are already like that which aren't working.

Christie Pollick

Thanks for your reply, Cheryl, and it may help to have our Support Engineers take a look as well, so they can offer some other ideas. I will set you up in a case in just a moment, and you will be hearing from a member of that team as soon as they have had a chance to review your case. Thanks for your continued patience!