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Tom Kuhlmann

In your Documents folder you'll see a My Articulate Projects folder. Inside, there's a Storyline Templates folder. You can move *.storytemplate files into there and they'll show up in the My Template button in Storyline.

Make sure the templates match your current version. For example, you don't want SL2 templates in SL3/360 without being updated.

Tom Kuhlmann

Internally, Storyline will look for the template files in that folder on your desktop. 

The files need to be template files and not the regular .story files. Make sure the extension is .storytemplate.

You can do a test, open a Storyline file. Save it as a template and you should see it in the Documents/My Articulate Projects/Storyline Templates folder. You should also have access to it from the My Templates button in Storyline.

If that doesn't happen, then you can contact Support to figure out why.

David Anderson

Hi Nancy - Which Document folder are you looking in? Mac and Windows both have a documents folder so that's where things can get confusing.

By default, your templates will be installed in your Windows documents folder: C:\Users\david\Documents\My Articulate Projects\Storyline Templates

The other thing to consider is how your Parallels sharing settings are enabled. If you go to Parallels > Configure you'll see a Sharing option. Can you post a screenshot of how you're currently sharing between your Mac and Windows via Parallels?