Storyline templates

I have a story file created ass a storyboard for placeholders and content.

I have a client's template for formatting and layout

If I import slides from the template, how can I transfer my content to them without cut/pasting everything?

In other words, conform my storyboard slides the the clients template slides I have imported.

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jim tabasz

Thanks Ashley,but this is not quite what I mean.

I get what your are referencing in yiour reply, but I am wanting to take a slide in my story and apply a template's formatting to it.

currently I do it like this:

OPen a project from the client Template

Select the slide type I need (Intro, Module Title, Quiz question, etc.,)

insert that slide type into my scene

Import my content slide from my storyboard.story file

cut any content examples from the template slide

cut and past my content from my storyboard.story slide ontothe template slide


Gotta be a simpler way, no?

Gerry Wasiluk

If you do not have a slide in your project using the SL template that you need to change your other slide to, you sometimes first need create a slide using the desired SL template. 

Once you've done that, then you can apply that template (right-click on a slide you want to change and select Layout for the desired template) to apply to needed slides.