Storyline text-entry slides not retaining answers when inserted into Rise


Please can you help! I have created a single slide in Storyline that consists of a text-entry field. I then used the Storyline Block feature in Rise to put that text-entry slide into a Rise course. However, whenever I go to another page in Rise and return to the page with the text-entry, my answers are all gone and the slides have reset.

I have set the slides to prompt resume. I have also tried setting the slide up in multiple different ways. 

How do I get the slides to retain their saved states?

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Ashley Terwilliger

HI Mandla,

The Storyline block in Rise will reload upon each view, so any previous data such as the text entry won't be saved for display again. The resume settings or slide properties won't have an impact on this. 

Were you looking for learners to take notes or have something to refer back to? If you can share a bit more, I'm happy to help brainstorm other ideas!