Storyline text question, accept any answer

Dec 09, 2020

I'm creating a software simulation using the record screen and step-by-step slides option with "test mode".

When it comes to a text entry as part of the simulation, the generated step-by-step slides option has created it as a text entry question. I just want them to add a name (it can be any name) so I don't want to check it against an answer as such. How can I get the question to accept any text answer?

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Jerry Beaucaire

Basically the question is actually a TRUE/FALSE question with the TRUE/FALSE options hidden under a box that matches the background, the user can't see it.

Then on a layer that opens automatically when the slide starts, manually insert the text entry box element.

On the SUBMIT button, remove the submit trigger, then attach a condition that goes:

Change the State of RadioButton1 (true) to selected if the variable textentry1 is not equal to (blank)

Add a second trigger to the same button:

Change the State of RadioButton2 (false) to selected if the variable textentry1 is equal to (blank)

Then add a 3rd trigger to the slide itself:

Submit interaction True/False when the state of ANY button (radiobutton1/radiobutton2) is selected.

That should give you the effect you want.