Storyline Timeline Error

Hi, all.

Upon inserting a 300,000KB audio .wav file in a Storyline project, I received an error message from Storyline.

I closed and re-opened the project.

Now, I see a large red X on the timeline for every slide in the same scene (see screenshot below).

Does anyone have any ideas about how to restore the content on the slide timelines?

Thank you.



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Randy Richardson

red x is gone from the timeline.  had to close and reopen storyline deleting slides until the red x didn't show up.  of course we wouldn't save our work so if deleting a slide didn't fix it we would close storyline, reopen and delete a different slide each time till we found the "bad" slide.

To sum up: Narrow it down to the particular scene.  once you know what scene it is, delete a slide from that scene in scene view then try to  open the "problem" scene.  if you still get the red x, close storyline without saving, reopen storyline then delete a different slide.  repeat until you find the one slide that's giving you grief.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Randy,

Thanks for the update and I'm glad you were able to figure this out on your end. As a reminder, you'll also want to confirm that you're following these general guidelines while working in Storyline to prevent odd behavior in the future:

Hope that helps!