Storyline - Timeline resolution


New to Storyline, coming from Captivate.

I'm wondering why the max. timing resolution in the timeline is 0.125 seconds (4 or 8 divisions in a second, depending on zoom level). Would make some sense for a frame rate of 24 or 25 fps, but it's 30 fps, isn't it? Seems to me that 0.1 seconds increments in the timeline ruler would be much more intuitive to work with, and still easier to match with the individual frames of a 30 fps frame rate. If anything, 0.15 would make more sense.


No big deal, but I'm curious if there is was specific reason for choosing this resolution. 

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Katie Riggio

Hey Andreas! Welcome to the Articulate family. 😀

You're right. The default for the Storyline is 30 fps. That timing resolution was an early design decision, but it sounds like you have a need for more granularity there. I'll share this with the team!

A quick tip in the meantime: You can right-click the object on the timeline to set a more precise time:


For more details on changing the timing and duration of objects, check out this resource!