Storyline timing and animation

Jul 06, 2012

Hi, I am flummoxed. I can't see how to set timing of animations to fit audio anywhere.

Surely Articulate haven't dropped all ability to set timing on the fly with Storyline? I know it has other features but if we have to use the timeline to set all timings, that's simply a pain.

Is there a way?

Thanks, Laurie

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Steve Flowers

The timeline is pretty good for synchronization. Using cuepoints will help you to line things up since you can't scrub through audio and quickly / fluidly preview and line up objects. Hit play to preview audio and keep your trigger finger over the top of the "C" key. When it hits a point in time that you want to line up animation, hit C to drop a cuepoint. Your objects, when dragged on the timeline, will snap to this new cuepoint guide.

Bruce Graham

Hi Kyle and welcome to Heroes.

In that case, the timeline is still there, but you just set things up slightly differently, not having anything specifically on the timeline that affects slide movement.

For example, set things up as per this image on the slide level:

The timeline is always there, it's all just a question of what you are doing with it.

Hope this helps - shout if you have any more questions.


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