Storyline, Tin Can, app, Blackboard LMS and the Grade Centre

Hello everyone,

I've been doing some testing on the seemingly infamous problem of exporting Storyline for TinCan, and using it within our LMS, Blackboard Learn 9.1, running Service Pack 10.

I'm aware of the issues with TinCan, LMSs and the Mobile Player on iPad, and have followed the steps at:

Logged in as a lecturer, this seems to work fine when opening the package in Blackboard via desktop browsers, iPad browsers and the Blackboard Learn app on iPad (both open in the Articulate Mobile Player).

However, it will NOT work outside of the Blackboard LMS (i.e. if you access the direct URL for the default "story.html" on the server):

  • on a desktop browser (Flash version - “Cannot launch content. Configuration data is missing or incorrect. Please try again.”)
  • on iPad browser (opens in AMP, but receive message "Cannot connect to server.”)

But it WILL work if you access the "story_html5.html" URL on both desktop and iPad browsers.

I have had similar experiences trying the trick of uploading the files to a public folder in the LMS Content Collection, and directing the launch page of the package in the Bb unit to the story.html file in the Content Collection (as suggested here:

And, just to to confuse things even more, when I log in with a dummy student account, on ANY platform, I get the message "Unable to connect to the server. Please verify you can connect to the internet and relaunch the course. Status code 500". It keeps popping up, and on the rare occasion I can dismiss it and complete the activity, no grade is recorded in the lecturer Grade Centre, although as a student, it shows that an attempt was made if I try to do it again.

[As a side note, we were under the impression that TinCan support should be included as part of SP10, however we've noticed on the SCORM website that TinCan support is available in the latest release of SCORM Engine, 2013.1. Apparently our version is 2013.0.991508. ]

I'm open to any suggestions/insights from the community! Has anybody working with Blackboard Learn had any success in getting Storyline activities working across desktop/mobile browsers/iPad app, and scoring correctly in the Grade Centre?

Thanks in advance!

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