Storyline to PPT?

Jul 06, 2012

Hi I was wondering if its possible to save my Storyline project as a Powerpoint. The reason for this is our courses need to be bilingual and I want to make it easy as possible for the person doing the translating by having this learning module in a Powerpoint format. If this is not possible, does anyone have a recommendation on how to make it easier for them?

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Adrian Dean

Hi Mike,

I would create your slides in powerpoint first. After the translation is done, then you could import them into Storyline afterwards.

The thread below deals with exporting Storyline content into Studio (ie Powerpoint) as a web object. The thread is a little over a month old and it appears that this is the only way that I have found so far. I played with it myself, and so far I haven't found another way.

Looks like your best bet will be to make the slides in powerpoint first as I mentioned above.

Hope this helps,


Greg Damron

Hi Mike,

Adrian has suggested an excellent screenr in the posted thread. Depending on your needs, another idea that may be helpful might be to publish your project using the publish to word option. Select the check boxes to show layers and notes. This should show the bulk of your content needing translation and you can place additional notes where needed. Your translator can then insert the bilingual text and notes slide by slide, and return the document to you (the translator can also optionally view/play a "live" version of the module to assist with any questions, or help with audio portions). An advantage to this is that it would allow designing directly in Storyline and if your intent is to then re-insert the translated content or create a second version of the module - you are all set. I hope this may be of help. As Adrian mentioned, it may be difficult to convert back directly to ppt as you would like.

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