Storyline toggle interactivity

There is a slide which has a learn more button along with the image click interactivity.
When i click on the learn more button, the popup appears and clicking again on the same learn more button will close that popup.
Now When I click on the highlighted area of the image, the corresponding layer appears. In this layer if I click on the Learn more button,the popup appears but when I try to close the learn more popup it returns to the base layer. It should be in the same layer. Please help!

Attached the storyline file.

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Phil Mayor

Instead of using two layers I would have used one and use an  entrance and exit fly in/out animation and set a pause trigger to pause the layer after the fly in and then set it to unpause on click of the button, making sure the layer is set to hide on timeline end and also to resume saved state.

It looks like the problem is that the layers are not hiding and resume state is also set to automatic.  I would try adding a trigger to hide the layer when the motion path completes and also to reset to initial state on each layer.