Storyline: Track the completion of the lesson by number of slides and still need to report score

Jun 22, 2018


How are you?

There are lessons that require to have the quiz and result slide in the middle of the lessons, but still need to report the score.  However by choosing to track the completion of the lesson by number of the slides, 0% score is always reported; By choosing to track the completion of the lesson by the result slide, user is able to skip all the slides existing after the result slide, which is not acceptable.

I searched the forum, it seem this issue exists since the beginning, I just wonder how come Articulate has not resolve this issue yet, which means still has not to support both tracking the completion of the lesson by number of slides and reporting the score?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jihong,

We will only track one completion method - but if you need the quiz to be in the middle, do you need the results slide to appear directly after it? You could always put the results slide at the end of your course? 

Or, you could use two results slide. One that would be displayed to learners during the course, and one at the very end after they've viewed all slides that you would use to report the score to your LMS (that's the one to choose in your publish settings). You can even mask that final results slide to appear as just a closing slide thanking a user for taking the course? 

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Jihong!

It sounds like you have slides after the quiz slide, and you want to ensure the learner passes the quiz and views all slides in the course, is that right?

Have you considered moving the results slide to the end of the course? That way, the quiz score would not be submitted until the learner reaches the last slide.

If moving the results slide isn't an option, you could also add an additional Pick One "quiz" slide to the end of the course, and have the learner click an object to confirm they have completed the lesson.

Let me know if one of those options would work for you!

Jihong Jin

Thank you very much, Ashley and Alyssa.

Yes, I was able to create a fake result sheet by the end of the lesson and mimic it as the same as the last slide, also set the timeline very short, so during the play it is almost not noticeable. It is similar as what you all suggested, however by my approach, there is more detail needs to be covered, such as PREV button needs to skip the fake result slide, need to set the fake result to move forward automatically, and etc., so we decide not to go that route.

At this time, we are not planning to add additional slide for the work around, but I will keep your suggestions in mind.

My point is that quiz may not be in the end of the lesson, and a lesson should have that option and still reporting the score with tracking the completion of the lesson by number of slides, without any additional slide to be added as work around. It is just not totally making sense to me that whenever there is a quiz in the lesson and score reporting is needed, the quiz or the result slide has to be in the end of the lesson, I just try to understand the reason behind this design.

Thank you very much for your consideration!

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Thanks, Jihong for that insight and keeping the conversation going.

The results slide is designed to pass the score and information to the LMS upon the user visiting it, so that way if the user left before getting to the end of the whole course we'd still have shared their completion. Are you seeing that users are watching to see if their score is updated in the LMS and then stopping at that point? It's an interesting use case for our team to keep in mind and look into. 

Jihong Jin

Thank you, Ashley, for your reply.

From the technical side of the view, the quiz may not always be in the end of the lesson, if we mark the completion of the lesson whenever the quiz is done with a certain score, then there is no way we know if the student does really complete the full lesson. Just like we use restricted navigation, the reason is to make sure the student does not skip the audio of the slide before it is finished. So it is more from the instructor's aspect to make sure the student does complete the lesson as expected.

I think it is a valid case that we want to track the completion of the lesson not only the score of the quiz, but also the number of the slides viewed, of course, the completion of the lesson may also be tracked by either one of them, however we need that AND option for some lessons.

Thank you very much for your consideration!

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