Storyline Training for filling out forms

Hi everyone,

I have to make a how-to training on filling out new forms issued by my company. I was wondering if anyone had any templates/ideas to make this how-to very simple and fun for employees to learn? As of now, it is mostly arrows pointing at certain areas to fill out and what they should be writing in the boxes/lines. However I don't want to just put arrows everywhere and leave it at that. I was thinking about using different triggers, and types of arrows that will open up directions and what not...This is my first time really using storyline to make my own training so any suggestions/creative thoughts will help me greatly! I am a little stuck on where to begin and how to really utilize the exciting functions that Storyline has to offer. Thank you in advance!

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Holley Berley

Hi Jonathan, 

Agreed with Brian, the latest e-Learning Heroes challenge might give you some inspiration.

I'd also suggest you check out Storyline's screen recording as an option.  It's a pretty great feature that's pretty easy to use and edit.  The recordings will automatically turn into interactivities if you like.  Here's an article about this: