Storyline Training in Calgary, Alberta?

Hi there,

Just wondering if anyone knows of a place in Calgary where I could get trained in Storyline 2? I cannot seem to find any training here until March 2017.

Or if you are a freelancer who is incorporated and willing to train me 1-1 please reply with your email address and I will get in touch.



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Peter Burn

I am in Fort McMurray, Alberta  and got up and running with  The Intro and Advanced tutorials are fairly comprehensive, though I still needed help using variables to trigger state changes.

22 years of ToolBook and Captivate experience are actually a bit of a hindrance to learning Storyline, so if you haven't used similar software I bet you start developing in a couple of days.

Peter Burn

What were you using for development pre-Storyline? I have to warn you that if you are a long time Captivate user you are going to get a bit frustrated at times because though Storyline is easier to learn, it is not as powerful. If you are coming from iSpring or another Power Point plugin, you'll love Storyline's flexibility.

You could likely find someone to do training via Skype. I am new to Storyline myself but if I were struggling I'd ask Joe Ganci about Skype lessons. I have attended Joe's courses at TBCON and eLearing Conferences in Colorado Springs and must say he is a spectacular instructor.

Here is Joe's email: (tell him Peter Burn suggests you contact him)

Joe is an award winning developer and sits on the Adobe Advisory panel etc. He was the first person to show me an interactive PDF document c/w video and audio.

Peter Burn

ABG63 Ltd. o/a ABG Multimedia and ABG Video (formerly Snow White Productions

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Lindsay Gabert

Hi Michelle, 

I'm wondering if you had any luck finding quality training outside of the regular articulate training schedule? We're also having some of the same issues as the last Calgary training session in March was cancelled due to low attendance.

Did you happen to find a suitable online course or a private consultant that you could recommend? OR you're welcome to join my colleague and I as we are trying to fill the August 8-11, 2017 course in Calgary to prevent it from being cancelled. You can also reach me at

Thanks for your help.