Storyline Translation Export - GUI terms

Hello Storyline Gurus,

I noticed that if you utilize the default feedback for the quiz in Storyline, the default strings get exported for translation. However, when you import the translations back into Storyline the default GUI stays untranslated.

I know that the Player GUI has these strings translated, but why are the default GUI strings being exported for translation if the strings aren't overwritten by the translation? And the only way to update them is by updating the Player GUI?

I've attached a sample Storyline file as well as a "translation" export for example to import back into the file. You'll notice the default does not change.

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Jennifer Murberg

Hi Leslie,

If you look at the translation Export, it contains the strings for the default GUI (from the quiz section, for example Incorrect/Correct). I'm just confused as to why the default GUI strings export for translation, if you the translations you import back into the tool don't overwrite the default GUI. Instead the tool waits for you to update the GUI as shown here: Customizing GUI.