Storyline Translation Feature - I want to KISS you :)


I have just completed a complete text, script, layers and everything-else translation, including reformatting text box sizes (the longest part) for 5 courses, all about 20-25 slides, in 3 hours flat. The client will have this all in her mailbox when she comes in tomorrow morning.


There were a FEW little niggles, ("Continue" buttons on question layers correct/incorrect/Try Again staying in English), but this is negligible, and could have been because of my user-error. I have 8 more language variants of this UK course to create, so will be able to give this a really good soak-test.

Loving it


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Graham North


I think the words that didn't translate weren't in the Export for translate file. Certainly the ones you've identified. You should find them however in the Player options under Text labels in the Custom group. There are a number of languages already defined here too, so the common ones will be easy to switch to.